Horse Talk, Issue #001 -- Spring is "Hair"

Horse Talk, April 2007

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Spring is finally here. All the grass is turning green, the trees are budding out and it’s time to start putting in the garden. These are some of the things that let us know it’s spring. However, for us horse people, spring means hair and lots of it. If your ponies are like ours , they’re shedding and there seems to be hair everywhere. We will address this more later.

One of the spring things we do here is try to get organized. (Is organize a four letter word…ha!) Here are some things we do.

Check vet/shot records

  • Does my horse need their vaccinations updated
  • Update our coggins test
  • Check horses teeth to see if they need floated
  • Worming routine/rotation

Farrier – if your horse hasn’t been shod all winter better get hold of your horseshoer (As a professional horseshoer for 10 years, I ask you for your farriers sake --- )

  • Call well in advance
  • Give him time to respond
  • Try to set a schedule a for them (every 6-8 weeks)
  • Pay them promptly

Check your tack/gear

  • Clean tack thoroughly al the while looking for wear or cracks.
    TIP: For a really bright shine on leather, after its clean and dry, take a piece of pantyhose and rub vigorously.
  • Any excess wear on chinches, latigos or reins should be reason to get rid of them – This can save your life or at the very least, your pride.

Getting your horse in shape.

  • If your horse has been turned out most of the winter, they’ll need a chance to get back into shape (we usually do as well). As true horse people will take the time it takes out of respect for the horse.

Clean barns/pens.
I know we tend to keep stuff as horse people(you never know when you might need it). But… if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months your probably not going to.

If possible, drag/fertilize pastures or paddocks. Dragging helps with fly/worm control as well as spreads the manure out. (Free fertilizer)

  • TIP: You can make a drag out of anything from old bed springs to a piece of chain link fence. Just attach to a tractor/4 wheeler and off you go.

The Hair problem.
Our horses are allowed to grow there winter coats here at the KR- Ranch. It’s just the way we do it. So now they are shedding and hair is everywhere.

    Groom daily with a good stiff brush/curry comb.
  • Bathe your horse (on a sunny warm day.)
  • Brush some more.

Training tip for April… The hard to catch horse.
Horses seem to hate to be followed by humans. On your hard to catch horse, put them in a round pen or small corral and simply follow them around. Remember your not chasing them (making them run), just following them around. Most of the time the horse will get curious and turn to face you to see what’s going on. I’ve had this work on some horses that were pretty hard to catch. It took a few times, but it was fun to see the look on their face when they realized their curiosity got them caught.

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