Horse Talk, Issue #101 -- Turn up the Heat… Horse Talk, July. 2011

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Let's Talk Horses...

Hello Guys and Gals, Thanking God that we are one day closer to rain here in Central Oklahoma. With 100° plus temperatures and dry conditions we are rummaging around for hay here at the ranch, (as most farmers and ranchers are in the region.) However, we have a lot of exciting additions being added to the site. First and foremost, We’re on Facebook!!! Now we’ll be able to answer more questions more efficiently and interact more one on one. The dynamics of answering every question by email has been overwhelming to say the least. We think this will be easier on all of us, and everyone can benefit from the information exchanged on Facebook, so go ahead and check us out and give us a “like”. Also look for our new Store Link set up where we have added lots of recommended books, videos, tack, and health and grooming supplies that we use here at Rafter R Training Center. We set this up through Amazon where you can order products from the comfort of your home, and you can rest assured that the products that you are using have been tested and tried by yours truly. On another note… we have a bunch of yearling mules coming in for halter training etc., so we are planning on doing a video series soon and adding them to the site. Handling babies (especially mules) is good horsemanship all the way through. Be looking for more on mules. Until next time... Stay Cool! Rick

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Training tip for July…

Don’t forget to give your horse a break. Anytime you are working your horse in this kind of heat, when possible give them a good spray down with the hose. This is good for multiple reasons, number one being… your training your horse. Helping your horse to calmly accept being sprayed is a pretty big deal to the horse, but a lot more welcome when they’re hot and sweaty and could use a cool off. If you’ve never attempted this, I recommend that the horse not be tied, and you start with the legs. When the horse accepts this, you can move up a little higher. They have a lot of veins in their legs, so this works to cool the horse down as well. Remember, most horses do not like being sprayed in the face. On the face, we either mist them or wipe them down with a wet rag or sponge. It is also good to rinse them off with just water to remove the sweat and salt. Remember that shampoo is not recommended on a daily basis. Here at Rafter R we do this daily to all horses and mules from weanlings to old trail horses.

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