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Apr 10, 2012

Contribute to Horses

Would you like to share your knowledge about horses? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Nov 23, 2011

Head Bobbing horses

There are ways to deal with a head bobbing horse without resorting to abuse or gimmicks. Some things need to be checked first to make sure they’re not the cause.

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Oct 30, 2011

Trailer Loading a Horse

How to Trailer Load a Horse

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Jul 24, 2011

Horses and Mules for Sale

Horses and Mules for sale. List horses and mules for sell from our stock and our clients.

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Jul 24, 2011

Horse Products

Here you will find many recommended books, videos, tack, and health and grooming supplies that we use at Rafter R Training Center.

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Jul 18, 2011

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Jun 20, 2009

Horse Links

Not finding what you’re looking for… let us help direct you. We want to help in any way we can. Listed below are some horse links that we have found on the web that might be of interest to you.

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May 25, 2007

Branding and Gathering

To many horse owners, branding and gathering cattle isn’t what comes to mind when thinking of spending time with their horses. However, in my opinion – that’s as good as it gets.

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May 24, 2007

Trail riding, round up clubs, play days

Trail riding and going to your local round up clubs events and play days are some of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can do with your horse.

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Apr 06, 2007

Yahoo Authentication

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Mar 28, 2007

Flagging your horse from the fence

Flagging your horse from the fence is something you want to do after they are used to it from the ground.

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Mar 28, 2007

Variations on fence work with horses

There are many variations on fence work with horses that you can try. Literally you can do just about anything from the safety of the fence.

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Mar 28, 2007

Getting on your horse from the fence

Getting on your horse from the fence can be taught pretty easily. It may take some time but its really neat.

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Mar 27, 2007

Roping around your horse from the fence

Roping around your horse from the fence gets him used to a rope being swung around him and over him before you ever get on his back.

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Mar 27, 2007

Get your horse used to Movement from the fence

If you get your horse used to movement from the fence (movement above him) you’ll see the difference in your first ride, and even some “broke horses.”

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Mar 21, 2007

Working with feel

When it comes to horses, working with feel is the only way to truly operate. Feel is really all the horse has to go on.

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Mar 17, 2007

Horse Talk

If you love horses…or if you’d simply love to learn more about them, please subscribe to Horse Talk.

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Mar 13, 2007

Barn Sour Horses

. As frustrating as barn sour horses can be, we would sure not want to vent this frustration on the horse. When you really stop and think about it, it actually is pretty smart on the horse’s part

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Mar 08, 2007

Horse Parasites

Learning about the different types of internal horse parasites (worms) is the first step in controlling them. This task is a responsibility that each horse owner must be prepared to take on.

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Mar 08, 2007

Preventing or controlling horse parasites

In order to be the most effective in preventing or controlling horse parasites, it is best to take a two-pronged approach.

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