Horse Training Tips

It always good to be looking for new horse training tips, no matter what level of trainer you are. Training is something that in the end you must just do. Only so much can be learned or taught through books or video. When first starting out with a horse, its best to have someone around with lots of experience so things can get talked over when necessary.

Listed below are some other very important horse training tips to remember

  • The horse has a unique way of knowing your intentions (good or bad)
  • The horse can only operate through feel

  • It’s always best to think ahead and have a plan when dealing with horses. If you don’t, be assured the horse has some, and it may not exactly fit what you’re wanting.
  • Your ego has no place around the horse. He doesn’t understand ego at all. Sadly more horses have been ruined by the ego than we can imagine.
  • The horse / human relationship must be based on mutual respect and trust.
  • As a general rule, don’t do anything to or while on your horse that you don’t feel good about (comfortable with). Your horse will pick up on this and it can go bad. (Not that your horse will go bad, but because of a combined lack of confidence some things may happen that shouldn’t)
  • Slower is faster with the horse!
  • The way things work on the ground have a direct connection to the saddle (if your horse is pushy on the ground, he’ll be that way when your riding)

For questions or comments about these horse training tips, please contact us.

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